Former RDC, Now Independent Candidate Accuses Police Of Witch-hunting Her


By John Ogulei




The Independent Soroti City Woman MP aspirant and former Resident District Commissioner has accused Police in Soroti for witch-hunting her.


Speaking to this reporter this morning, Rachael Francis Adyango accused security for being partisan and blocking her from accessing her voters.


Adyango was Deputy RDC Nebbi before she resigned in July to contest in the NRM Party primaries. She lost to Iseet Julian Fede and opted to contest as an Independent.


She accuses police in Soroti for blocking and impounding her campaign car on Thursday which to her has affected her campaigns.


According to Adyango, the conduct of Police in blocking her campaigns and impounding her campaign car portrays them as being partisan and biased.


“If me who has worked with Security is being treated like this what about the local man down who hasn’t been in the security circles. This is truly unfair of security to block my campaign and impound my sound system,” Adyango said.


“Some Politicians are allowed to move up to 09:00PM but my car was impounded at 06:55PM, am just wondering why it’s all happening to me,” Adyango wondered.


She has also dismissed allegations being circulated by her detractors that she has been re-appointed Resident District Commissioner.


Adyango said, the allegations are baseless and unfounded claiming that her opponents are using that to make her fail in the upcoming polls.


“I resigned as an RDC in July and what’s in the ground is smear propaganda. I appeal to Soroti City voters to take such rumors as baseless. Am still in the race and I haven’t withdrawn nor have I received an appointment as RDC,” Adyango revealed.


She has also decried the continued political intimidation of her supporters whom she says have been asked to stop campaigning for her or else face beatings.


Adyango said, she has received numerous complaints from her supporters of being intimidated while others are being trailed for supporting her.


“I have received these complaints and I have also reported to security over this matter,” narrates Adyango.


On the other hand, Adyango has accused the National Resistance Movement Party leadership of Soroti for firing her from her current position after she stood as an independent candidate.


But speaking to the press recently, the Police Spokesman East Kyoga David Ongom Mudong told journalists that, police isn’t involved in any partisan politics.





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