By Nathan Eyagu


Although bulls always fight, there will always be time for them to reconcile.

For quite some time now Teso’s renowned singers; Rody Gavana and Genious Drey have not been talking well.

In fact as they say in Teso, if the two are to be put in pot, that pot will never boil.

But Saturday 04, May 2019 at Liquid Gardens in Kumi Municipality during the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Teso’s Singer, Lazaro Okwakol, the two were forced to boil as fans cheered.

Issues break out

As I said earlier that the two seemed to have not boiled, singer rody Gavana took it on face and posted.
“Thats the disadvantage of being fat, you cannot easily jump up” he posted.

“Fik fameica shares same stage with Bebe cool.” he added in another post.
That’s not all because Drey couldn’t just relax but posted too.

“Rody Gavana next time bend your kneez more”

What caused these guys biff

It’s not something new to many people but let’s open our archives and pull out the history.

According to snoops, Genious Drey is a radio presenter In Vote Of Teso, a radio owned by Flight Capt. Mike Mukula, his rival blamed him for only playing his music leaving his own out.

Some time back, when singer Vinka the Ketchup Star was in town, Drey is reported to have dropped the Mic after he was given chance of welcoming the main artist (Vinka).

Rody quickly made a hit (iyemuto) criticizing Drey and calling him Bebe cool who grabbed a Mic from Vinka.
But it had looked like the storm had subsided not until Saturday when they shared the same stage and later started posting negatives about each other.