Global Fund Project on Malaria Reduction Launched in Nabilatuk

By Steven Enatu




A new Global fund project of over 324 million shillings dubbed ‘’Uganda’s reduction and Elimination of Malaria project’’ has been launched in Nabilatuk District this week.


The new Project which will be implemented by CUAMM with funding from TASO and Ministry of Finance will run till 2023, aimed at Malaria reduction.


While presenting statistics during the launch, the Malaria Focal person, Denis Olaka expressed worry over the high malaria prevalence in Nabilatuk currently at 71%.


He noted that Malaria is one of the killer diseases and the leading cause of mortality and morbidity especially for children below 5 years in Karamoja.


According to data presented by the Programme Manager Global Fund CUAMM Mrs. Lucy Apio, Karamoja contributes 42% of the malaria burden in the country.


Meanwhile Mr. Alakas Joseph who represented the District chairperson expressed gratitude upon the selection of Nabilatuk as a beneficiary.


He pledged their commitment as political leaders to mobilize the community to embrace programmes of malaria prevention.


He cited malaria as one of the major causes of anemia within the health facilities.


The new Global fund project on malaria reduction will be implemented in 61 districts across the country and 11 districts within the Karamoja- -Otuke- Agago Cluster.


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