Government Investigates Exclusion of Some Ugandans Stranded in Sudan From Returnees’ List

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with Uganda’s Embassy in Sudan are investigating why some names of stranded Ugandans who were supposed to return from Sudan were removed from the list at the last minute.


Recently, Cabinet approved the return of over 2400 Ugandans stranded in 66 countries abroad as a result of the Corona virus pandemic at their own cost and according to the Health Minister, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, this would be done in a phased manner.


On Tuesday the first phase kicked off with Ugandans who have been stranded in Sudan. According to documents from Uganda’s embassy in Sudan, over 60 Ugandans had registered their names however, some people were removed from the list at the last hour. On Tuesday 29 people had been approved to return but only 27 checked in, an issue which has prompted an investigation on what caused other peoples’ names to disappear from the list.


While speaking on CBS FM, Uganda’s Ambassador in Sudan, James William Kinobe said that there are many people stranded in Sudan who yearn to come back to their home country.

He also revealed that they are now investigating why many names were removed from the list of returnees yet they had confirmed and everything had been cleared few days prior to their return.


“We have not got an explanation as to why some people’s names were removed from the list of returnees, because everything was done, air tickets were cleared but we don’t know why at the time of checking in some didn’t appear,” he said.


The returnees are supposed to be with a certificate showing that they were tested from Covid-19, they will also be quarantined for 14 days as well as accept to be continuously tested fro the novel virus.

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