Hailstorms Displace Over 600 in Sironko

By Wetondo Denis Julius




Over six hundred people from five sub counties in Sironko district are now homeless after hail storms blew off roofs of their houses.


The affected sub counties are Bukise, Elgon, Buchabo, Bugitimwa and Kikobelo where crops like tomatoes, bananas, and coffee among others were totally destroyed.


Other properties which where destroyed completely are bananas, Coffee, beans, tomatoes, chicken, and animals.


Sephen Nagayi one of the affected residents from Bukise Sub County says that heavy rains which came with hailstorm lasted for four hours on Thursday last week leading to massive destruction.


He adds that most of the house roofs were blown off, iron sheets were destroyed, crops were damaged leaving many familes with no food and shelter.


Nagayi also says that since his house was blown off, he is currently taking refuge from at his neighbor’s home with all his six family members.


Michael Wambaka, one of the affected tomatoes farmers from Bumalimba Sub County says that his entire tomato garden where he had hoped to harvest over 2 million shillings was totally destroyed by the hailstorm.


William Legeda, another affected resident says that the hailstorms killed most of his birds and animals since the house they were staying in was destroyed.


The affected residents now urge government under the Ministry of disaster Preparedness and other development partners to intervene and give them support like relief food, iron sheets such that they can put back their houses.


John Nagai, the LCII chairperson of Busate parish in Bukise sub county also says that he expect serious hunger in future since most food crops were totally destroyed.


He urged the district disaster management team and Red Cross and other relevant agencies to hurry and support locals since they are currently having nothing to eat.


Sarah Nambuya, the Bukise Sub County District Female Councilor told this website that the hail storm destroyed  Sambogo gravity flow scheme which supplies five sub counties of Bukise, Bugitimwa, Buchabo, Bumalimba and Mutufu town council with clean water.


She adds that currently people from the five sub counties are collecting dirty water from ponds, running rivers and streams which can easily lead to the spread of cholera and other related diseases.


Nambuya says that most pit latrines were brought down by the storm whereby people are currently easing them anywhere which is dangerous to their lives.


The Councilor revealed that they have already compiled the report and sent to district disaster management team for quick intervention.


Isaiah Sasaga Wanzira, the area Member of Parliament representing Budadiri East Constituency in Sironko district has called for calm among the locals saying that he is currently compiling the report to be presented to the ministry of disaster for quick intervention.


He also urged other relevant authorities to support the affected persons since most of their houses and properties have been destroyed.


Sasaga also urged government to come up with permanent solution of compensating people living in disaster prone areas and vacate them to safer places of their choice.


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