Hanging UMEME Wires Kill Four Bulls, Critically Injure Owner

The affected animals lying dead

Residents of Corner Zone in Apokori Parish, Mella Sub County in Tororo District have threatened to walk on foot from Mella to UMEME offices if the power distributors don’t revamp the power line passing through the area which they say is causing havoc to the community.

The residents reached this resolution after electricity on the morning of 2nd May electrocuted four bulls costing approximately 4.5 million to death.

The farmer who was ploughing with the bulls identified as Francis Ochila 28 was left extremely injured and is currently fighting for his life at Tororo Main Hospital by the time we filed this story.

While giving the account of the incident, Bernard Ekiring, a member of the affected family said that it’s the negligence of UMEME that has cost them their bulls.

Ekiring says that to be in good terms with the company as a family, must meet the medical bills of their brother and compensate their bulls.

Sam Emuria, the Corner zone LCI joined his residents in pinning UMEME over the incident saying a day before, UMEME people visited the pole where the incident occurred and instead of fixing it, they damaged it the more making it vulnerable for anybody who would go near the pole.

Emuria alleged that after UMEME personnel visited the area, they switched off power but was shocked to see the power switched on by unidentified person who is purported to be from UMEME.

Rodgers Chebene, the Tororo DPC confirmed the incident saying that he will seek audience with UMEME to see how best they can help this community from power horror.

Meanwhile one of UMEME installation technicians found present in the office said that they were aware of the power problem. He added that they disconnected and isolated the line as they waited for maintenance materials but were also shocked to hear that power was reconnected in the line.

He revealed that UMEME was searching for the person who reconnected power. He however said that they will not pledge any support to the affected family because it was their making and giving them support will encourage the continuity of the act.