Heavy Rains Unleash Rolling Rocks On Mbale Residents, Killing 0ne


By Nakanwagi Olivier Mukaaya





Mbale: A minor has been confirmed dead and three family members in critical condition after rolling rocks from Wanale hills on Mount Elgon ranges came crushing own.


The incident happened in four villages of Bunalutere, Kikobero, Wanambewo trading centre and Bubyengu upper in Bubyangu parish Bunyangu Sub County in Mbale district on Tuesday 29th September 2020.


Suliman Wolumu, the LCI chairperson of Bunalutere, one of the affected village says besides the rolling rocks killing one minor, other  31 households were totally destroyed.


He adds that during the rolling of rocks most residents were alert and had evacuated from their houses except the four from one family who were affected.


Wilson Wamboya, one of the affected residents from Kibero also says that their crops like maize, beans, coffee, bananas, and avocadoes among others have completely been destroyed by the rocks.


He urged government to evacuate them from the area since more rains are continuing and other rocks are still hanging showing signs of falling any time during soon.


Abudu Masaba, also an affected resident, expressed fears of a hunger outbreak in future since all their crops have been destroyed by rocks.


He urged the government to come and blast those rocks which are about to collapse such that further deaths can be prevented.


Emma Gidudu, the acting sub county chief of Bubyangu has urged residents in risky areas to vacate to safer places as they are compiling a report to concerned authorities for response.


However, Twakha Ayune, the Manager Mbale Red Cross has confirmed sending a team on ground to access the situation before coming up with the support to the affected persons.


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