UMKHUKA CRISIS! Mudoma Faction Trashes New Clan Delegates’ Elections


By Wetondo Denis Julius




The Mudoma faction in the race for Umkhuka 111 in Bugisu sub region has trashed yesterday’s clan delegates’ elections organized by the John Wagabyalile faction.


Yesterday 25th February 26, 2021, a faction loyal to Wagabyalile and a preferred group to the deceased Umkhuka 11, Sir Bob Washikori organized and held what they called elections of clan delegates and leaders from all 26 clans at Masaba land, then from Bamasaba of Western Kenya and of Diaspora.


It is that election that the Mudoma faction has strongly come out to dispute calling it null and void.


According to Mike Jude Mudoma another purported Umukhuka, the elections were conducted in an illegal manner.


He argued that the State Minister for Culture, Peace Mutuuzo during requiem prayers for the late Bob Mushikori at St Andrews cathedral Mbale diocese last month said Masaba cultural institution has no recognized cultural leader and executive.


Mudoma adds that the Minister asked the two claimants to the Umkhuka seat to reconcile and come up with one cultural leader. She said the one picked will then be recognized by government.


He reasoned therefore that since it’s the same executive board headed by Wagabyalila which went ahead to defy the Minister and conduct elections, those elections must be declared null and void by government.


Nelson Wedayila from the faction of Mudoma also says they are consulting their lawyers and if necessary they will seek legal redress to challenge the elections.


However, Geoffrey Wepondi, the prime minister of Masaba cultural institution told this reporter that as the Bamasaaba Institution they have never received any government official formal communication that the institution has no leadership pending reconciliation between Wagabyalile and Mudoma.


He added that the institution doesn’t depend on hearsay but on official communication saying that Bamasaaba cultural intuition is having a functioning cabinet executive with its cultural leader being John Wagabyalile.

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