Hima Cement Factory, Tororo Residents at War over Unfulfilled Social Commitments

By Matthew Okello




Residents of Nyakese E 3 zone in Iyokango parish of Nyangole Sub County are regretting why they donated their land to pave way for the construction of Hima cement factory.


The residents raised their complaints on 10th October in a meeting held at Nyakese E zone where they claim that Hima Cement has breached all social commitments they made to the former landlords.


According to residents, Hima cement initially came with a lot of promises for the locals with the aim of luring them to sell their land but to their disappointment, the company is currently operating like a secret cult brotherhood organization.


Wilberforce Oryema, a resident in the area says the dust currently emitted from Hima cement is a health danger to them and their plantations. He also said the vibration coming from the factory has cracked their pit latrines and living houses yet they have no forum of raising their complaints.


Oryema also faulted the company for failing to stand with them when they lose their beloved ones yet it was what they promised when they came.


John Orono, another resident asked the company to construct for their workers and clients pit latrines because most of them are currently defecating in polythene bags and throw them to people’s homes surrounding the factory.


Hannington Fred Opendi, also a resident says he dropped out of school from S.2 due to fees challenges yet the company promised them scholarship more so to the needy families.


Residents now want Hima cement to compensate them for all their property they have lost including plantations and infrastructures or else they drag the company to court for negligence.


Patrick Omare, the district councilor of Nyangole has asked Hima cement to make the memorandum of understanding they signed with the district public so that residents demand social corporate responsibility within the agreed scope.


He also asked Hima cement to have a complaints’ desk within the company where aggrieved locals can go and table their issues for redress to avoid compiled community anger.


He however asked top district leaders to stop going begging from Hima cement because this in turn is making the company ignore the suffering residents thinking they have silenced the unpleasant situation.


Martin Olowo, the Iyokango councilor to Nyangole Sub County asked leaders to rein in the factory warning that failure to do so may force residents to rise against the factory.


Jacob Oluka, the Nyangole Health inspector says his findings have indicated that the factory is defaulting on several health regulations which are hazardous to human life and asked them to consider changing.


Samuel Onyango and Barbra Awori who represented the company in the meeting said they have compiled the raised grievances and will forward them to their bosses for redress.

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