Iganga Municipal Council Fails To Utilize Shs1.1bn, To Return It To Treasury


By Solomon Hamala





Iganga municipal council is set to refund shillings 1.1 billion to Treasury after failing to utilize it.


The funds were given to the district by the Central Government under the additional local revenue fund.


However authorities claim they have failed to utilize the money in the maintenance of tractors, paying casual laborers, cleaning and carrying out sanitation.




The Iganga Municipal Treasurer, Musikho Muluga whom this reporter spoke to yesterday 18th September acknowledged receipt of the funds from the Central Government.

He however explained that the Council was awaiting a response from the treasury on how to spend the funds meant to serve as an unconditional grant.




The Town Clerk Northern Division, Kato Hussein said they had expected the Municipality to allocate the funds towards paying salaries of casual labourers besides improving on the sanitation in the area. He said that they have since been shocked to see that the funds are being taken back to the Central Government.


“We have problems here and I don’t see why money should be taken back to the center,” he said.




Casual laborers who carry out the cleaning of streets besides collection of garbage in both Northern and Central division are demanding shillings 14 million towards clearing their wages for the past two months.




The Chairman Central Division, Hajji Saleh Diana said Iganga Municipality is faced with  lots of problems and cannot afford taking back funds meant to cater for payment of services they had previously faced had times solving.




Diana said they expected Iganga Municipality to remit Shs500 million towards payment of salaries of casual laborers besides meeting maintenance costs and repair of tractors and trucks meant to collect garbage stuck at the district headquarters.


The decision by Iganga Municipal Council to remit shillings 1.1 billion back to the central government has caused anger amongst members of the public who accuse authorities of being incompetent.




Dan Babalanda, a businessman along Assle street in Iganga  Municipality said there are heaps of uncollected garbage that are littered along the streets of Iganga municipality but wondered as to why authorities should take back the funds yet they are faced with huge problems.


“We are suffering just because most of our leaders are not bothered about us but only interested in the huge salaries and allowances they earn,” he said.




Residents have threatened to storm the Iganga municipal headquarters seeking an explanation as to why the funds are being taken back to the central government.




The Town Clerk Iganga Municipal Council, Ayoub Kisubi when contacted accused politicians in the area of inciting members of the public to riot over the funds.




Kisubi said he will take his own decision as the Accounting Officer and vowed never to be intimidated by any politician since he is accountable to the central government.