INCREDIBLE! PAG Pastor Closes Church Over Sexual Activities In The House Of God


By Ambrose Weere




The leader of the Pentecostal Assembly of God, Nampologoma, has raised peoples’ eye brows after closing their church on allegation that his followers were carrying out sex activities within the church.

Pastor Sam Kato closed the church arbitrary on Sunday 1st November, 2020.


According to Pastor Sam Kato, the youth in his church have been severally spotted having sex within the church and yet they do not pay tithe.


He also alleges that his followers do not observe the standard operating procedure set by the government in a bid to figure fight COVID 19.


However, his followers have rubbished the pastor’s decision and instead accused him of having embezzled their contributions towards the development of the church.


John Wamandi, one of the church members said he regrets sacrificing his money towards the development of the church and demands for a refund. He also reported that pastor Kato showed the anger because he wanted to feast on the female urshers alone.


While Agnes Nambubi, another church member threatens to mobilise other followers to join her in setting the church ablaze if the pastor maintains the closure of their church by Sunday.


Meanwhile, Bishop David Mugaru of the Healing Church, Mbale, has condemned pastor Kato for the closure of the church and reminded him that any judgment is done by God. He also advised the followers to embark on prayers despite having such a disappointment.


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