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Inmate Sentenced To 6 Yrs after 8 on Remand Pleads With Wife to Get Stop-Gap Husband


By Markson Omagor


The writer then working at Redpepper two years after leaving Luzira

-Continued from last series.


He had finished eight years on remand on allegations of high robbery. Then he had sold off most of his acquisitions including two houses in Kampala to ‘purchase’ justice. Finally his name appeared on the session list. Excited after his name appeared on the next criminal session list, the narrator now counting a few days to freedom said, he released more money to the judge to have him acquitted


However, when he appeared for judgement, the judge asked him how long he had stayed on remand.

“Eight years, your Lord” he eagerly replied.

“Then I am going to give you a short sentence such that you can go back home….”

The dock that was still started spinning. He was sweating and brimming with confidence, with expectation, the image of his wife now blurred in his erotic imaginations got even blurrier. He waited.

“….You are hereby sentenced to six years of imprisonment…” the judge seemed to say.

He heard but refused to believe that such nonsense could have been uttered by the Judge. His ears could have heard wrong.

“…was it six months? Or did he say six weeks?”

….Yes six weeks he must have said. Did he not say I was to go home? ….. Six weeks it must be …..” Then he asked the prosecutor who happened to be next to him, the same prosecutor he had used to have his name appear on the session list, the same prosecutor who had played the go between role with the same Judge.

“…..it is six years that you are to serve….” Was the harsh reply that he received.


He continued staring into space until he was led away into the court Cells awaiting movement back to Luzira. The Mutooro narrator was now telling the attentive audience, me inclusive that it took him close to a week to get back to his senses.


The following week his wife came to visit him and all he had to tell her was that she should get a man for herself but keep him in his home such that she has time to care for his children. The wife cut their conversation short imagining the man was as insane as the day he was convicted and sentenced. She walked away in protest leaving him open mouthed.


“But can you imagine, up to now, my wife is at his home, taking care of my children without any addition and no man as a live-in lover?” He said.


The Mutoro concluded by saying that his choice of a Lugbar wife was God sent especially when he recalled a Muganda lover he had.


This latter lover of his was one he gave Eight Million Shillings to keep just before his arrest. Upon his arrest, he had called her up, requesting her to give him that money to help him sort himself, now that he had been arrested. She in return, assured him that she had moved on and was not bothered with history. So he had become part of her history together with his eight million, he cursed.


“Am going to love that woman with all my heart; sheis the one who has been taking care of my home, my children and even me here in prison and this Muganda woman whom I entrusted with my Shs8,000,000 just walked out on me like! Ensi si nyangu..” He concluded as 9:00 PM was fast approaching. The time lights are switched off and any talking including whispers are prohibited.


Then the following day, time check 1:20pm and I am writing a love piece, a piece that amplifies what goes into my mind especially when it switches on the erotic mode, then this young man called Denis. A young Langi boy of about 27years who stole a brand new Minibus from his boss comes with an old piece of Onion Newspaper of Friday October 23-29 2009, he waves it at me excitedly and am forced to cut short my romanticism.

“…Doctor, Doctor …You first read this paper. Is this not Ochan they are talking about?”

“Which Ochan?” I inquired of him.

“…..Our friend, Ochan, you read the story and compare it with Ochan’s statement.” Ochan was the Lira radio presenter who punched a chicken roaster to death over chicken thigh who till now had hidden the truth behind his incarceration from me and yet we had become close friends, or so I thought.


Lira Radio presenter punches boy to death over chicken thigh.

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