Iteso Cultural Union Bans Musicians, People Power From Tororo County

Tororo Municipal Council has always been chaotic

By Matthew Okello



Tororo Musician’s Association and People Power Pressure Group have been banned from Tororo County.


The Iteso Cultural Union (ICU) meeting sitting on Monday 30th September in Mukuju Sub County in Tororo district resolved to ban all the activities of Tororo Musicians Association in Tororo County.


The ban follows several rumors that the association is being supported by West Budama leaders.


The Iteso strongly believe that the main agenda of West Budama leaders is to demonstrate to the entire country that there is unity in Tororo district and the district should not be split.


The issue was tabled by Tororo County North NRM flag bearer, Godfrey Othieno who revealed that while in Molo, he was invited by these artists. He said that he was however surprised that majority of them were boys from West Budama yet he expected to see boys from Tororo county North and South.


Othieno in his narration noted that the conduct of these artistes while in Molo drew a lot of suspicions and their mode of operation where Jopadhola was the dominant language used revealed a lot.

Rodgers Imailuk, the chairperson of Tororo County Councilor’s Caucus revealed that the people of Tororo County have vowed never to work with West Budama people until the split of the district.


Paul Sande Emolot, the ICU Premier also condemned the association calling upon the Tororo County musicians to form their own association which they are ready to support.


The meeting also resolved to stop any form of campaigns in Tororo County until a declaration from the ICU Prime Minister to resume campaigns.


However with strong terms, any action of People Power Pressure was strongly condemned and the county leadership resolved not to see the Group in the County.


All these decisions are aimed at appreciating President Museveni whom they say is in the last stage of granting them a district and any activities of opposition may disrupt his mind.


The resolution of no election until the district is split was renewed in consideration of even 2021 elections.

Meanwhile Rodgers Imiluk caucus gave the people of West Budama an ultimatum of 14 days to leave Tororo County inclusive of Tororo Municipality.


Paul Eredet, the councilor representing Eastern Division at the council told the meeting that for the few days they have been out of council, the councilors of West Budama have diverted all development to their County a clear indication that the co-existence the West Budama claim can never be a reality.