Jailed Minister Opendi’s Political Nemesis Gets Bail As Tanga Odoi Steps In

Ayo Jacinta regained her freedom on Monday 6th after agreeing to installment payments

TORORO:The NRM Woman MP flag bearer for Tororo district, Jacinta Ayo is out of prison after Mbale high court granted her court bail.

Ayo was released on Monday 6th May after she agreed to pay the court costs in installments.

Ayo was arrested from Kampala on Friday 3rd May by Court Bailiffs from Josh Advocates after what Joseph Massa described as a long search for her hideout.

Appearing before the High Court Deputy Registrar, Lillian Mwandha in Mbale on Monday afternoon, Ayo accepted to clear the said costs in installments through her lawyer, Anthony Bizara.

Ayo who is supposed to pay Shs83.2 million will first clear Shs38million for items agreed upon by both parties and thereafter court will sit to either amend or maintain the undecided costs that total to Shs45million.

The installment payment was agreed upon after Ayo’s lawyer pleaded with the registrar to allow them negotiate out of court, which the court granted. Ayo then remitted Shs500,000 to the bailiffs as first installment.

Upon release, Ayo said she has been made stronger adding that she will never step down until the fight is finished.

Meanwhile, Uganda Ambassador to Nairobi, Phoebe Otaala who played a key role in the release of Ayo said that as politicians they should embrace a forgiving heart that creates unity rather than fighting.

Odoi Tanga who was representing the NRM party committed that the NRM secretariat is going to clear Ayo’s debt noting that the party is currently stressed with financial challenges that has seen some of go without payments for over 5months.