Karamoja Leaders Agree on Course to Restore Peace

By Steven Enatu



District Leaders from the 3 districts of South Karamoja on Tuesday passed a number of resolutions to restore peace within the 3 Districts.

These include Nabilatuk,Nakapiripirit and Amudat following recent increase in cattle theft and insecurity.

The resolutions were arrived at in a peace meeting held at the Council Hall in Nakapiripirit District, organized by Whitaker Peace Development Initiative (WPDI). The meeting involved LC5 Chairpersons, LC3 Chairpersons, Town Mayors and Peace Committees.

Some of the resolutions agreed upon include; Joint recovery of cattle by different stakeholders, information sharing between leaders and security on cattle raids, animals recovered should not exceed 2 weeks in the barracks.

The other resolutions include; conducting continuous meetings in areas identified as hotspots for cattle theft and holding talk shows to discourage cattle raids.

The LC3 Chairperson of Kongorok sub-County in Amudat Mr. Limale Alex Macho reminded the community to involve all local leaders during tracing of stolen cattle.

The District Internal Security Officer Amudat District Mr. Awot Pope Olirus reiterated the need for information sharing with key security personnel in case of any insecurity in their areas.

He urged all those with guns to hand over to the authorities reminding them that it is the duty of the government to protect them.

He noted that the disarmament process is ongoing but at a slow pace. The Peace Meeting was organized by the 3 District Chairpersons and supported by Whitaker Peace Development Initiative.

Whitaker Peace Development Initiative (WPDI) is currently implementing a 3 year flagship Youth Peacemaker Network Program (2020-2022) in the 9 Districts of Karamoja Sub-Region to empower the local community on Peace and Prosperity.


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