KEEP OFF! General Elwelu Warns EU For Disrespecting Uganda’s Sovereignty


By John Ogulei





The newly Elected UPDF representative, also UPDF Lands Forces Commander has warned the European Countries to stop attacking Uganda’s sovereignty.


Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu sounded the warning on Saturday 20th February 2021 while in a local radio station in Soroti City.


Elwelu said the European Union is undermining Ugandan institutions like the Electoral Commission and the sovereignty of the country.


In his speech Elwelu intimated that Europeans want to recolonize Uganda.


“Those whites came to Uganda and ruled us through the Baganda, now they want to rule us again. They lied Baganda to sign the 1900 agreement and they came and spoiled our Country now they have seen that we are stable and they want to destabilize us again. Why are they interested in Uganda?” Lt. General Elwelu said.



Elwelu also accused Europeans of destabilizing peaceful African countries like; Libya, and Egypt.


“Since Europeans interfered with Libya and Egypt those countries haven’t been peaceful. Am warning them, they must stop attacking us. If they want us we are also prepared to stop them. We shall never allow Europeans to rule us again.” Elwelu warned.


Gen. Elwelu was part of the 2019 Ugandans that the US government slapped a travel ban on over his 2016 attack on King Charles Wesley Mumbere of the Rwenzururu kingdom where at least 46 guards died when the army attacked the Palace.


Elwelu’s comments come barely a week after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni cautioned the EU against involvement in matters that they are not conversant with, something that could have “serious consequences.”


President Museveni in his address to EU at State House said that, “By involving yourselves in matters that you don’t understand, even if you do understand, you should not get involved because this kind of misconduct can lead to many serious consequences and suffering of the people like it happened in some African countries.”


The relationship between the EU and Uganda has not been that good and the relationship deteriorated after the just concluded 2021 elections in which Museveni was declared winner.


The EU parliament recently advocated for sanctions against some Ugandan government officials and organizations believed to have participated in violation of human rights during the 2021 presidential elections.


The EU Parliament also called for scrutiny of Uganda’s fiscal management and transparency and systematic reviews of the EU budget support programs.

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