Kenzo To Rema: You Dumped Me For No Reason

Rema with new boyfriend, Hamza Ssebunya

Credit New Vision


Singer Idrisa Musuza, who is best known as Eddy Kenzo, has released a new song expressing his broken heart following his split with lover and fellow musician Rema Namakula.


The song titled Bibawo (these things happen) released on Tuesday is full of emotions expressed towards Rema the mother of his daughter.


Kenzo and Rema dated for five years and were blessed with a five-year-old daughter.


However, the relationship between the two celebrities which has been on the rocks for about two years is no more.


Rema is leaving Kenzo for a new boyfriend, Hamza Ssebunya, who she is set to introduce to her family in November.


On Saturday, social media was awash with pictures of Rema and Ssebunya and since that day, Kenzo has not been the same.

He took to his social media and poured out his regret at losing Rema, and eventually got inspired to hit the studios.


In the three-minute song, Kenzo concedes that he has lost his girlfriend and how gossip forced Rema to dump him.


From the lyrics of the song, you can feel the pain of a heartbroken man who blames society for influencing Rema to leave him.


The BET Award winner who is currently in the US, however, claims that he was dumped for no reason.


In the song, he laments that he is unsettled due to the situation and pleads to Rema to go back to him.


We wait and see whether the Sitya Loss singer’s wish and prayers of having Rema back will be answered.


Anyway, Bibawo, such things happen, so fear no loss, Kenzo.