Leaders Decry Mistreatment Of Iteso In Tororo

Mama Rael Emolot (c) who was laid to rest on Easter Monday at the burial of her son earlier

TORORO: Several Government leaders hailing from Teso have expressed bitterness with the way the Iteso of Tororo are being treated.

State Minister for Disaster Preparedness, Musa Ecweru who was representing the President at the burial of the Rael Emolot, late wife of ICU Prime Minister Paul Sande Emolot on Easter Monday said anybody who provokes the Iteso should be ready to deal with the repercussion.

Musa Ecweru warned of dire consequences if the Iteso are attacked

Ecweru’s comments came after rumours circulated that a group of people were planning to block the Emorimor from attending the burial. The minster noted that the Emorimor has the right to move to any part of Uganda. He further condemned the mixing of culture and politics.

Patrick Okabe, the Teso Parliamentary Caucus Chairman said they as the Teso Members of Parliament are with the people of Tororo and know the grief they go through when it comes to service delivery.

Okabe assured the people of Tororo County that they are only waiting for the London report to be tabled before parliament and legislate such that the people of Tororo County can be released from the current bondage.

The Tororo County North MP, Annet Nyaketcho stated that no level of intimidation and insults will stop them from demanding autonomy from West Budama. Nyaketcho said the outcome of London report will favor the Tororo County and asked West Budama leaders to prepare their people for the outcome of the London report.

Meanwhile, Busia Kenya County Governor, Odeke Ojamong has revealed that the Iteso from Kenya are ready to finance and provide human resource to help the Iteso of Tororo in their struggle for autonomy any time need arises.

Ojamong was speaking at the burial of Rael Emolot, former wife to ICU prime Sande Emolot in koitangiro, Mella Sub County.

At the same function, Agnes Akiror the minister for Teso Affairs asked the Iteso to be patient as they wait for the President to solve the Tororo issues peacefully.