Leading Khadhi Attributes Rising Immorality On Closure Of Open Worship





The District Khadi Tororo has attributed rising cases of rampant fornication, adultery and several other immorality spreading in families lately to continuous closure of places of worship.


Kadhi Ibrahim Asante said this yesterday while giving his Eid al-dhuha message at Masjid Noor mosques in Tororo municipality.


Because of this, Asante called upon the government to consider opening places of worship so that messages of hope can be preached amongst worshipers who are currently living lives of spiritual despair.


Asante noted that the continuous closure of places of worship has resulted into spiritual bankruptcy.


The Kadhi reacting on this political period asked candidates to use peace promoting languages while campaigning as a way of minimizing politics of hatred.


He added that politics is competition to serve the people and not a struggle for survival just like some politicians always invest all their thoughts and hope in politics.


He asked voters to keep away from picking money of different politicians vying for one position arguing that this is a another form of corruption.


Concerning today’s Eid, the Kadhi said they have secured over 2000 goats and sheep courtesy of Turkish Muslim friends that will be distributed to Tororo, Busia and parts of Butaleja districts.


He however asked those who have plenty to consider sharing with the less privileged.


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