MASETTE KUUYA DEATH: Bugisu Leaders Want Official Burial for Former Obote Minister

By Weswa Ronnie




Leaders from Bugisu region have asked government to give official burial to Patrick Masette Kuuya, former Obote II Minister for rehabilitation.


Masette Kuuya passed on yesterday, 22nd November 2022 at Nairobi, Kenya where he went for exile.


Kuuya was born from Bumatoola I village, Bunangabo parish, Khabutoola Sub County in Manafwa district and died at 85 years of age.


He went into exile in July 1985 after the overthrow of President Milton Obote II government by Tito Okello Lutwa. He was serving as minister for rehabilitation.


While speaking to the media on phone, Mary Gorret Kitutu, the minister of Karamoja, also woman MP for Manafwa district, says that they have written to the President asking him to take over the whole function.


She says that Bugisu and the nation has lost an irreplaceable, developmental, patriotic person who deserves an official burial.


John Musila, Member of Parliament representing Bubulo East constituency in Namisindwa district has urged his fellow leaders to take Kuuya as an example in terms of lobbying for their people.


He adds that Kuuya has died but will be remembered for lobbying the construction of Mbale city stadium in 1980 during Obote’s regime and construction of Mbale – Lwakhakha road.


Walimbwa Peke, the former LCV chairperson of Manafwa district also the current NRM chairperson of Manafwa district urged all leaders from Bugisu region to grieve together despite the fact that he was from UPC party.


Hakimu Watenyeli, the Elgon region UPC party mobilizer praised Kuuya as a person who has been loving his party during and after his time of leadership.


By press time, the body of Kuuya was still at Nairobi in Kenya where he died from.

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