Mbale District Officials On The Spot Again Over Sale Of Public Land



Mbale Local government officials in conjunction with the District Land Board are once again on the spotlight for grabbing and subsequently selling off public land.


According to the Minister of Local Government’s letter dated 24th June, 2020, there were reports that the district local officials were in advanced stages of selling off Plot no 17-19 Lyada Road, Plot No. 1-3 Lukhobo Road, Plot No.19-21 Malukhu drive, Plot 19-13 Nagwere Road, Plot No. 60 Republic Street and district pool houses.



The move however has been thwarted by the Minister who directed them not to attempt to sell the said properties.


In the letter, Minister Raphael Mugyenyi noted that the Ministry had with great concern received information that the district land board intended to dispose district properties plots/houses in total disregard of the law.


The Minister instructed the Chairman District Land Board, to halt any transactions and activities aiming at disposing any land or property of Mbale District Local Gov’t until further notice.


The instruction has been received with great joy by a number of residents who have for long complained of land grabbing by their leaders.


Commenting on the letter, David Nangoli, a former RDC Mbale said;


“There is now a sigh of relief among the public that was preparing to make a mass demonstration over the same deal. Mbale District has on the past lost prime land under very unclear circumstances especially perpetrated by outgoing leadership.”


In the same vein, Nangoli revealed that most people in Mbale are pained by the way the prime property hosting Mount Elgon Hospital was sold to the Hospital under unclear circumstances.




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