Meet Bobi Wine’s Singing Sister Coming to Limelight After Producing 8 Children


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Bobi Wine, Mickie Wine, Eddy Yawe, Banjoman, and Daxx Vybz are not the only artistes from the same family, we have learnt that they also have a sister who a few years ago took a bold step in her singing career named Irene Kayemba.

Irene Kayemba on her virtual concert

Irene Kayemba held her first music concert dubbed ‘Woman’ recently to introduce herself to the world. The virtual concert saw Kayemba entertaining viewers for almost 2hours, taking them through her music journey with songs like; ‘Mmeere Yamutima’, ‘A Better Country’, ‘Akakeeka’, ‘Wadda Wa’ and finally ‘Woman’.


We caught up with her and shared her life, career and music.


You claim to be singer Bobi Wine’s sister, how true is this?


I don’t claim. I am his blood sister from the same mother and father. Actually people don’t know that Bobi has over 20 siblings. I don’t tie myself on him but he is just my brother.


Okay, for so many years, the world has never heard of you, why did you choose to come out now?


It is only you who didn’t know me. Well, let me tell you about myself, I left Gomba, our home village many years back and came to Kamokya. I studied while coming from Kamokya. After my studies I got a job as a marketer with Kibs Media revolution where I worked for so many years. People in the marketing world know me very well. It is only music fans that didn’t know me well. I chose to come out now simply because I felt it was the right perfect time for me to hit the studio.


You’re sure it is not Bobi Wine’s current popularity you’re riding on now?


I know many people will come out to say the same thing but even before my brother became more popular globally, I had started setting up myself for a music career. I come from a music background. Our mother used to sing in church so really the timing shouldn’t be an issue.


Well, how have been your first years in music?


I can say it has been challenging. I remember my husband at first bought many songs for me to sing and at some point I chickened out after releasing a few. Because I have a lot around me, I felt like music could wait. So I was challenged but he talked me down and here I am. I am happy to be a good artist.


Being surrounded by big brothers who are musicians, how has it helped you?


It has helped me so much. I look up to them. They inspire me. We talk so much on the phone and when we meet they share with me ideas on how to make it in this industry. I have a lot about music dynamics from them. I am sure I am excelling simply because of their notes.


Earlier alone you mentioned how it has not been easy to record and produce songs, does that mean your brothers that own studios refused you to use them?


No. I have actually produced many songs from Eddy Yawe studio. But of course I wanted something of my own. You can’t always be relying on brothers all the time. I needed to be independent.


Well let’s talk about family, how do you balance marriage and music?


I told you at first I wanted to quit. I used to see girls very sexy, dressed sexy and feared I couldn’t dress like them to attract fans but my man talked me down and encouraged me. I am a mother of 8. So I had a deep discussion with my man and he advised me on how to balance the two. His advice has worked because today, I know how to separate the two.


Mother of 8, clearly you’re not young, do you think you manage the competition with these young musicians?


You should know that I am not here for any competition. I am here to do my thing. I am here to sing my songs and let the fans judge. Age is just a number. Let those young musicians do their thing and I do mine.


Is it true you have a very bad temper?


Hahaha. Actually those that are very close to me know I am a calm and composed woman. Of Course every person has a temper but what matters is how you control it. I never raise my temper. I remember the one time when my temper went off limit was years back when I slapped Robert aka Bobi wine. He had something very silly and I had to slap him.


And the fact that you’re richer than your man, do you use money to compromise him? Do you use that money to have your music through?


I think money and my husband is a very private issue which I won’t discuss. But my man has more money than me. I actually depend on him. About the issue of using money to have my music career shine, NO. My music does the talking. I have never paid anyone to see my music through.


Lastly, what is your next 10 year plan?


I want to be big. I want to inspire many and I am sure I will do that. All I am asking for is Ugandans support. Please look out for my music all over music platforms and follow my social media platforms.










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