Meet NRM’s Political Boss Burning Charcoal To Finance Re-Election



The LC 3 Chairman Kapyang Sub County in Bugiri district has resorted to charcoal burning in order to raise funds to facilitate his campaigns.


Yasin Mwase who is also the NRM flag bearer for Kapyang Sub County told eastnews that he expects to raise Shs10.4 million from charcoal burning that will facilitate his campaigns.


Mwase said the money will cater for fuel, allowances for his campaign agents, besides nomination fees.


“Politics is just like a voluntary job because at the end of it all you realize no benefits apart from loses,” he said.


He said during the previous elections in 2016, he learnt one thing; to always be prepared for campaigns to avoid selling assets during times when your run broke in the thick of campaigns.

“My wife almost divorced me because of selling most of the household items and cattle in order to facilitate the campaigns in 2016,” he said.


Mwase said after being frustrated by the ruling NRM party bosses at the district level to meet the Party Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba, he has decided to contest on an independent ticket.


He said following his victory in 2016, he met Lumumba at a function within Bugiri district and she promised to offer some financial support to him to recover the losses he incurred during the campaigns.


He says this has not happened because the district bosses have continuously frustrated his efforts to her.


The race for LC 3 Chairperson Kapyang Sub County is expected to be a tight one between Mwase and Forum for Democratic Change die hard mobilizer, Francis Omusungutu.


His wife, Annet Mwase said she always supports her husband by loading logs in order to make heaps for burning.


“Am sure that this time he will not sell any of our assets because there will be money,” she said.


To avoid deforestation as a result of cutting down trees for charcoal burning, Mwase makes sure he plants a tree to replace the one cut.


The NRM Chairman Bugiri District, Stephen Mutumba when contacted denied blocking Mwase from accessing the Party’s Secretary General.


The LC 5 chairman Bugiri, Hajji Marijani Azalwa urged politicians to always seek ways of raising funds to facilitate their campaigns instead of relying on handouts from well-wishers.


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