Mike Mukula Surrenders House For Rema, B2C Video Shoot


On 29th April, 2019 the B2C, a trio of Delivered Julio, Bobby Lash and Mr. Lee released a video of their new song entitled Gutujja, collaboration with singer Rema Namakula.

Its release received a good reception as many yearned to know the efforts behind the good video shoot.


However, B2c’s Bobby lash says that George Michael Mukula commonly known as Mike Mukula a Ugandan politician gave out one of his houses to the singers for their video shoot.

“We would like to thank Mike Mukula for having given us one of his houses for our good video shoot,” Bobby Lash said.

He also revealed that the trio has never changed its name to Kampala boys.

“We just use the Kampala boys name to signify that we are artistes from Uganda. We are still the B2C,’’ Bobby lash said.

About the splash house

When in 2009, pictures of this palatial residence ran on the front pages of African Woman magazine, tongues wagged. Many connected the house to the corruption charges Mukula was facing at the time.

However, to put the record right, Gladys Mukula said they had lived on Luthuli Avenue in Bugolobi for 16 years. That was before Mike Mukula became a minister and after he started his career as a pilot with Eagle Air on top of other businesses. So now you know where the money came from to afford his family a dream house that still turns heads today..

In fact, Mrs Mukula says she furnished their home 16 years ago and has never changed the furniture since then because it still looks as good as new. She bought most of her furniture from Italy and Dubai.
“The things we wanted then were not here for we had to do the shopping abroad but now many are on the market imported from China,” she says.
What is important though is, she says if she had to do it all over again she would storm the

Gladys says she changes her drapes and curtains every five years and employs the services of Susan Kamya, owner of Needle Line, near Meat Packers on Old Port Bell Road.
Good drapes can be purchased at Nina Interiors on Jinja Road if you can dig deeper in your wallet.

While Mrs Mukula says she imported her bathroom ware from Italy, she says when she needs a replacement she goes to UMA show grounds in Lugogo where they give her value for her money.
The last time she remodelled her bathroom, it cost Shs8m.

Be mindful that it is an electric shower fitted with a music system and the works.
Gladys says she picks her wall hangings from Mrs Olive Kigongo’s store in Nakasero for a price of Shs 500,000 each, while some of her kitchenware comes from Mrs Thereza Mbire’s at Garden City.
At home she likes to spend most of her time in her spotless white kitchen cooking for her husband..