By Solomon Hamala


Leaders in Busoga sub region have been urged to put aside their
political differences and work together if the area is to develop like other areas.

The Member of Parliament Bugiri Municipality, Asuman Basalirwa said this while addressing politicians from Busoga region during a meeting organized by the Busoga consortium at the district headquarters on May 13th.

He said majority of leaders in Busoga sub region spend most of their time fighting each other over their political differences something he argued has cost the area in terms of development.

“Politicians elsewhere are working together yet here it’s the opposite,
just because someone is a member of another Political Party,” he said.

Basalirwa who is also the JEEMA president said engaging in wrangles
based on political differences in Busoga region has cost locals proper service delivery.

He said the fact that he is a development oriented person, liberal in
nature has always enabled him interact with fellow legislators upon
invitation to functions organized by the NRM party in the district
despite being a member of the opposition.

“Being a member of the opposition doesn’t stop me from attending
functions of the ruling NRM Party though am in the opposition because
we are all one,” he said.

During the belated NRM day celebrations recently, Basalirwa shocked the crowd that turned up at Bugubo Primary School playgrounds when
he arrived amidst cheers and was ushered to sit on a yellow plastic
chair in the VIP tent.

Surprisingly, Basalirwa who was the only Member of Parliament who
turned up for the event was requested by organizers to be the Chief
Guest during the NRM day celebrations.

Basalirwa cautioned politicians against lavish expenditures of their
hard earned money saying they risk becoming paupers when they are
voted out of office.

“Spend while knowing that tomorrow you will be out of office because
this is not a permanent job,” he said.

The LC 5 chairman Bugiri, Marijani Azalwa urged politicians in the
Busoga region to join the consortium as a way of attracting development to the area.

He said the consortium brings together all political leaders from
Busoga region with a move to sensitize locals about modern methods of
practicing agriculture besides improving on the saving’s culture in
order to improve on the house hold incomes.

The LC 5 Iganga, Patrick Kayemba also the Vice Chairperson of the
Busoga Consortium  accused some politicians in the Busoga region of
politicizing the objectives of the consortium saying its meant to
campaign for some of their political opponents.

Kayemba urged locals to embrace government programs like Operation
Wealth Creation in order to improve on their household incomes.

He said the consortium is to be held quarterly in several districts
across the Busoga sub region.