Mufti Urges President Museveni To Consolidate Sugarcane Growing In Busoga


By Solomon Hamala


The Mufti of Uganda has appealed to President Museveni to invest and promote the existing skills in order to enrich people instead of introducing new mechanisms which may lead to failure thus keeping Ugandans in perpetual poverty.

Al-Hajji Shaban Ramathan Mubajje said this while attending the inauguration of the Busoga Regional Kadhi and launch of the regional Muslim administration block that took place on Sunday 16th June in Iganga municipality at Iganga Municipal Council Primary School.

He said that President Museven should invest more in Sugar cane growing in Busoga region since the Basoga are talented an experienced in sugar cane growing.

The Mufti also said that Busoga is experiencing poverty due to lack of a proper economic activities.

He added that it’s better to invest in skilled and experienced people than introducing new ideas because to invest in what they know helps them reach their goals of economic prosperity.

The new Busoga Regional Kadhi Dr. Husain Bowa Muhammad was appointed by the Uganda Eastern Muslim electoral commission after the retiring of the former Sheikh, Sinani Muwanika.

At around 4:40pm the new regional Kadh took the Oath under the guidance of the chairman Eastern Muslim Electoral Commission, Sheikh Kayongo Ahammedi Nyago and the Mufti of Uganda.