Mukula Racial Talk Against Tanna Angers NRM Delegates



Captain Mike Mukula, the incumbent NRM National Vice Chairman Eastern Uganda has angered NRM Delegates across the country as he continues raising racist comments against his main challenger, Sanjay Tanna.


Mukula was in Lango Sub Region on Saturday 1st August 2020 in company of Rt. Honorable Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga also incumbent National 1st Chairperson Female and Sam Engola, the incumbent Vice Chairman Northern.


Kadaga is campaigning to retain her seat as National 1st Chairperson on NRM Female whereas Engola is tussling it out with the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah for the Northern Uganda regional vice chair whereas Mukula is facing the biggest challenge ever from Business mogul Sanjay Tanna.


The delegates who turned up in numbers got disappointed when Mukula, a seasoned politician threw caution into the wind and went racial saying, they cannot let an Indian to lead them.


“Africans must have African solutions for African problems,” Mukula started. Adding that he was surprised that Ugandans were busy romanising with Indians yet you can’t get a black person with even a retail shop in China, Dubai or India.


“We are not going to shy away from saying this, Africans should not surrender even an inch of their sovereignty to anybody, let me be very clear, we shall not allow this to happen.” Mukula said.


Even if Mukula did not mention names, the delegates understood him to be referring to Tanna who had earlier visited the region and received overwhelming support. Some delegates who spoke to this reporter said they were even more disappointed that the three heavyweights gave them peanuts in form of transport refund.

“For us now, it is yoleng for Tanna,” one of the delegates declared. ‘Yoleng’ means a wide smooth road.


The following day, Sunday, Mukula was in Gulu meeting Acholi Sub region delegates, and he repeated the same sentiments.


In retaliation, the delegates went rowdy to the extent of openly refusing to endorse the trio; Kadaga, Engola and Mukula sole candidates as has been their norm.


The delegates instead swore to vote for Oulanyah for Northern Uganda, Sanjay Tanna for Eastern, Hon. Kiwanda for Central and Dr. Chris Baryomunsi for Western Uganda.


Kadaga who found herself in the mix, fled the scene without even facilitating the delegates in form of refunding their transport costs.

Owachgiu Richard the Gulu district NRM youth league chairperson had unscrupulously  moved a motion to that Acholi sub region youths had agreed to support the trio as unopposed but no sooner had he made the pronouncement than Ocen James, the Gulu NRM chairperson said it was done without consultation of the entire delegates.


“No No No this resolution is very illegal because the youth did not consult anybody and the right protocol was not followed hence is null and void,” Ocen said on the microphone.


Lapyem Emmanuel, a delegate from Kitgum to show his true color immediately recorded a video saying Oulanya Jacob is his candidate for vice chairperson Northern and Tana has his vote for Vice chairperson Eastern Uganda.


The same video was rapidly also recorded by Agwani Samuel Oyet who also started circulating the same thing in the social media.


The delegates from Acholi complained that the above CEC contestants have been in office more than two terms and have failed to remind the president to procure them their vehicle and motorcycles including good offices for NRM countrywide.


Mukula is facing very many problems associated with long incumbency. Many delegates accuse him of not coming through with presidential pledges like motorcycles for Sub County NRM Chairpersons.


In Kumi for instance, delegates led by MP Bosco Ikojo and Mike Okwi, LCV Councillor accuse Mukula of never coming to meet lower level NRM leaders, doing nothing to promote NRM cadres and failing to maintain Party offices.


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