Museveni Castigates Minister Aceng For Being A Political Novice



President Yoweri Museveni has attributed Minister of Health Ruth Jane Aceng’s recent blunder of mixing with locals without a face mask to her being a political amateur.


Aceng was recently captured with a group of women in Lango in complete deviance of Standard Operating Procedures she has self emphasizes in the fight against Covid – 19. Some of the SOPs that the Minister was seen as breaching were putting on masks while in public and social distancing.


The situation became bad to the extent that some MP’s bayed for her blood saying she should resign or be forced to resign.


In her defense, Aceng told MPs that she was in Lango to teach people how to wear masks. Aceng also told the MPs that she had now learnt that next time she will have to prepare better before meeting any other group of people.


However, Museveni who was giving a presidential update on the state of Covid-19 in Uganda yesterday obviously showed that the explanation Aceng gave was not convincing.


“You see my daughter here is used to white gowns and is new in politics. So whether she was teaching people in Lango how to put on masks or there was something hidden, she put herself in an awkward situation,” he said.


The President also agreed with Aceng’s critics saying they were justified although he hastened to add that he believes that it was not her fault.


“The problem was that she put herself in a situation which she could not control.”


In the same vein, he has warned political actors not to put themselves in similar situations.


He draws from his recent experience in Kitubulu, not far from Entebbe town, where he disembarked from his vehicle to check out the risen levels of Lake Victoria water. When an excited, curious crowd seemed to begin gathering, Museveni says “I had to run away” immediately.

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