My Life Is In Danger For Supporting Tanna – Teso NRM Mobiliser

By John Ogulei



With just hours to the election of NRM CEC members, The Teso Sub regional NRM mobilizer, Teddy Acham has told this website that her life is in danger


Acham revealed this while speaking to NRM delegates at Soroti Hotel yesterday afternoon where David Calvin Echodu, the Soroti City West aspirant was launching his manifesto.


Acham said she has been receiving threatening calls from people who are telling her to stop supporting Tanna.


Both Mukula and Sanjay Tanna are running for the position of Vice Chairperson for eastern Uganda under the NRM party.


“My life is in danger, am being threatened and I get phone calls on daily basis. I want to warn those who are threatening my life to stop because under NRM, we cherish democracy,” Acham said.


Acham revealed that, her dying love for Tanna is unstoppable and she continues to offer support to him.


“I have an undying Love for Tanna whether you want it or not I will continue rallying behind him. I want also to ask those who are calling me to stop because I won’t stop supporting Tanna,” she said.


She also warned politicians to stop using her son to lure her to campaign for Mukula.


“You’re not the father to my son, I know the father, so stop using my son because if he dies am the one to lose and two if you want me to support, call me direct but don’t call me to threaten,” Acham added.


It must be understood that, the son to Teddy Acham is a strong Mike Mukula supporter.


She has also warned, Mukula and his camp to stop racial attacks against Tanna.

“Tanna didn’t apply to be an Indian. I want to ask who of you applied to be who you are. So I urge my people stop your racism”, Acham said.


She has however called on people of Teso to give Tanna a sympathy vote because Mukula and his team encourage racism.



Meanwhile; Teso artists blame Mukula for not following up on Presidential Pledges.


Teso’s legendary musician, Lazarus Okwakol has accused the National Vice Chairperson for Eastern Uganda Capt. Mike Mukula for not following up with the President’s Pledge of the car.

According to Okwakol, during his 50th birthday on 04th/05/2019 in Liquids gardens Kumi, Mukula who claims to have represented the President said, ‘President Museveni had promised to buy for him a car to facilitate his movement.’


He said, after cutting of the cake, Mukula who represented the President talked all good things about him and said the President is the one who bought the cake for him.


He said, now that the campaigns are first approaching, the pledge that was meant to help him campaign for the President is yet to materialize.


He said that, Mukula has since that time refused to pick his calls making him suspect that Mukula could have received cash from the President.


“Mukula doesn’t pick my calls and I think he has gotten that money,” said Okwakol.


Mukula has in many cases Mukula been accused for not following up most Presidential pledges making most delegates not to trust in him.


Recently Teso’s youngster Vin Jaguar accused Mukula for not following up his pledge from the President.

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