My Own Prison Experience Part V


By Markson Omagor



Am sorry my followers that I did not update you on my prison experience at Malukhu government prison last week. I had been overwhelmed by circumstances beyond my control.


Anyways, after my experience with TV Ya Wazee, the prison wardress who also worked as a nurse, I picked interest in knowing how men who had stayed in prison for years quenched their sexual desires.


Of course I had gone to prison with a predisposition that these guys practiced homosexuality. But I can tell you members, for the one month I was in Malukhu, I did not see nor hear any case of homosexuality. Indeed I was informed that when one was caught in a sexual act with another male prisoner, such people were subjected into imprisonment within a prison.

A prison within a prison is a small cell with a very rough floor and water that went to as far as knee level. A prisoner who found himself there, could not see light, had no beddings of course and was given one meal in 24 hours. And this punishment could go on for as long as two weeks. People usually came out of that cell halfway insane. So you can imagine how terrifying that prison within prison cell is.


Anyway, a week into my remand, I was told to watch male prisoners who stealthily went near the kitchen area.


The prison kitchen was at the extreme of Malukhu male prison but just adjacent to the fence that separated the male from female prison. Ordinarily, it was only prisoners who worked in the kitchen who were supposed to be there. However, for sexual purposes, Elders (senior prisoners) could access the ‘Love corner’.




The most lewd and vulgar scientific sex is when the lovers would meet at the opposite fence. The female prisoner who of course would have come to their extreme end of the prison would be the first to open her dress up, first showing the thighs and then finally her sexual organ. (You may want to know how appointments were made; I will come back to that later.) Mark you sometimes, this sexual encounter was witnessed by whoever happened to be within eyeshot.


The male prisoner would then squat down and remove his penis which automatically at that point would be stiffly erected and point it towards the direction of the lover seated across the fence.


The seated female would then pretend to sit but on a higher ground and expose her genitals wholesomely to her man. This was coupled with some sexy gestures and as your guess is as good as mine; the man would ejaculate in a few minutes. When this happened, the woman would then throw her knickers to the man who in turn would use it to clean his ejaculation.


The dirty knickers were then thrown back to the woman over the fence. When I asked what the purpose was, I was told that the woman would keep the knickers smelling the man’s sperms and sniff at it as she masturbated late at night.


Interestingly, when she masturbates, she cleans herself with a handkerchief which she finds a way of giving the man the following day. And the man would do exactly the same thing: keep sniffing the handkerchief smelling the woman’s juices until he would ‘come’. And so the games would go on like that.


I was like wow, how humankind can evolve in difficult circumstances is amazing.


(Next week, we shall see delve into the scientific communication between male and female prisoners through which appointments were made. See you then…..)



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