How Cute Malukhu Prison Wardress Warmed Prisoners’ Pants

By Markson Omagor

(True life story)


Well the rain did not fall as heavily as anticipated, so another bell rang indicating that we could be allowed to come out of our Wards again. (A ward is like a classroom in size – the actual prison).


When we got out, I saw a number of senior inmates rushing to the Prison clinic – including those I had been chatting with in the morning and were as healthy as a clinical eye could see.


For some time, I let it pass. But when my new found friend, the robber, told me he needed to get some refreshment and therefore he was headed to the clinic, I became more inquisitive.


My attention was at the same time drawn to the inmates coming back from the clinic – most of them were pocketing rather awkwardly.


“So what refreshment are you going for at the clinic?” I asked Ogwang who of course was considered one of the elders.

“Man there is something you need to know,” he started his narrative.

“You see there is a prison Wardress who works in that clinic as a nurse,” he told me.


“So what?” I inquired.

“She is a Munyankole but man, the girl has thighs and she shows them off. So people go there not for treatment but just to look at her thighs and of course it satisfies them.”


To say I appreciated the satisfaction Ogwang was talking of would be a total lie. I had just come into prison so I could not appreciate the fact that a man who has been incarcerated for years can be sexually satisfied by a mere peep of a woman’s thighs.


But to ‘feel’ what Ogwang actually meant, I opted to move with him to the clinic. When we reached, the prison nurse was seated on behind a high desk ostensibly writing a prescription to a patient.


“Now let us sit here, you will soon see what I mean,” Ogwang told me while pushing away another prisoner who like me did not carry any title. The spot, I was later to learn was a preserve of the elders because it was directly opposite the desk where the prison nurse always sat.


“Now look under the desk,” Ogwang told me.

Maama, maama, what I saw made me momentarily forget that I was in prison after all. The nurse was a pretty Munyankole not more than 30 years of age. She was dressed in civilian attire but the skirt was a micro mini.


I saw very brown bare thighs right up to the white knickers. She was sitting with legs as wide a part as the width of the skirt could allow!


I told Ogwang, I had seen enough and I needed to get a breather. So I moved out of the clinic leaving him behind. After another 30 minutes, Ogwang came back and found me watching a game of Mweso.


He pulled me out of the group with excitement written all over his face. Ogwang wanted to complete his narrative.


He told me that the nurse was called ‘TV Ya Wazee’ because senior prisoners always went there to satisfy their sexual longing by merely ‘watching the thighs’. Later at night, images of the thighs are replayed intensely until one masturbated.


He also revealed to me that the nurse does not only stop at providing optical nutrition but serves the actual dish as well. She was known to take prisoners with money into the treatment room which was behind the general prescription. It had a treatment raised bed made even more private by a green cotton curtain. It was in that room that the prison nurse actually gave sex to prisoners who paid her money or those she just loved.


“But is that not punishment to prisoners? Why does management allow that woman to tease prisoners like that?” I asked Ogwang.


He simply shrugged his shoulders and said whether the administration was aware or not, the nurse was a darling to prisoners. As a result, Ogwang told me she was always going back home with goodies like sugar, soap, milk; anything that the prisoners had in their possession – usually brought by friends and relatives.


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