Namisindwa RDC Bans Boda Bodas, Orders Closure Of Shops

By Solomon Hamala




The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Namisindwa district, has shockingly banned boda boda business in the entire district as a measure to prevent covid19 (Corona virus) from spreading.


Mr. Kigai Moses Wamoto said he was enforcing the President’s directive of closing the border. Boda boda riders were carrying people to and from Kenya using panya routes which he emphasized was not acceptable.


Namisindwa district neighbours Kenya.


In the President’s directive, boda boda business was not totally banned as they were permitted to carry luggage.


The RDC however says his order is in line with the President’s directive not to allow movements across the border.


Namisindwa is a hilly district with 17 Sub-Counties and their main means of transportation is use of boda bodas. Commuter taxis stop at the trading centres in low lands and residents use boda boda to transport themselves and their goods to their respective homes.


Kigai has also reportedly ordered for closure of shops in major trading centres in Namisindwa district like Magale Trading Centre. He is moving with police and the army in this operation.

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