OH OH! Chapati Seller Butchers Man Caught Having Sex with His Wife in GISO’s Bedroom


By Solomon Hamala



One of the widows (with child) and the GISO (2nd R) accused of encouraging worker to engage in adultery

A 25 year old chapatti seller in Iganga Municipality has stabbed to death a man he caught red-handed having sex with his wife.


The suspect, Yakubu Isabirye of Nabukona village, Nambale Sub County in Iganga district on the night of 4th March 6, 2021 stabbed a 30 year old casual laborer, Ali Kalulu after nabbing them red-handed.



Isabirye, acting on a tip off from one of his neighbours rushed to the home of the GISO at around 10:30pm armed with a knife and caught Kalulu  playing sex with his wife, Swaburah Nakato in the bedroom belonging to his boss, the GISO Nambale Sub County,  Joseph Sande Kantuntu.


What could have gone wrong?


According to one of the neighbours, Joshua Baranda, the accused who took off after the incident stabbed the deceased in the chest and neck before fleeing.


The deceased was discovered moments later lying in a pool of blood.


Baranda said the adulterous woman had made it a habit to play sex with her boyfriend in the home of his boss, the GISO at the same time every day.


(The deceased was a casual labourer at the GISO home- ED)


Nakato had reportedly informed neighbours that she was going to the home of the GISO to watch the ten O’clock Agataliko Nfufu news but they were shocked moments later when they heard that she had been caught in an adulterous act.


What local council officials say


The LC one chairman Nabukona village, Philip Balyejusa said Isabirye had on several occasions raised a complaint before the LC one court accusing the deceased of having a love affair with his wife but he simply turned a deaf ear.


“He even said the two had always been having sex inside the home of the GISO,” he said.


Balyejusa urged married couples to desist from acts of taking the law into their hands but instead refer their complaints to the police family and child protection unit or any non-governmental organization for necessary action to avoid similar incidents.


The deceased has been a farm manager to the GISO Nambale, Sub County for the past five years.


Meanwhile, the GISO told this reporter that the deceased informed him that he was going back home to drop some items but was shocked to hear moments later that he had been stabbed dead.


Katuntu denied rumours that he was aware of the love affair between the two.


Locals demand for the transfer of the GISO


Residents of Nambale Sub County have demanded for the immediate transfer of the GISO saying he has always been involved in acts that are illegal.



According to one of the locals, Mohamed Kasaija, their GISO is always taking advantage of his position to engage in sex with married women in the area besides grabbing people’s land.


“People fear that when they try to raise their voices they are likely to be arrested,” he said.


However Katuntu denied the allegations as being baseless and unfounded.


The officer in charge CID, Iganga Central Police Station, Andrew Ddumba said police is hunting for Isabirye to answer charges of murder.


Ddumba cautioned members of the public to desist from taking the law into their hands but always seek counseling from relevant offices to avoid similar incidents.



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