NOBLE: Catholic Bishop Pardons Rebel Christians Who Left the Church



By John Ogulei




The Bishop of Soroti Catholic Diocese has pardoned and asked all Catholic faithful who left the Faith and joined other religions to return back.


His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Eciru Oliach announced the pardon while speaking to hundreds of Catholic Faithful’s at Immaculate Conception Cathedral Soroti on Sunday Morning.


Bishop said he has received reports that some of the catholic faithfuls that left the faith are stranded without any place of worship revealing that such reports made him to pardon them.


In his speech Bishop Eciru said that, “I am happy to be with you this morning, as you might be aware that we have launched a campaign to reach out to our brothers and sisters who might have left the faith for reasons known to them but I have decided to pardon them. We want to ask them to come back home. There is a saying East or West home is the best.”


Bishop Eciru who also spoke at length asked the congregation to inform those who left the church that they have been pardoned and registration is ongoing in all parishes across the Diocese.


“I want to ask you to inform them that the Bishop has pardoned them and it’s better to die at home. Be ambassadors of this message wherever you go. Invite them to come and share the blessings of Jesus Christ. Inform even those who want to join to come,” he added.


The Bishop also shocked the congregation when he said that, “Some of our members are stranded after leaving the church and they think the church is also going to reject them but inform them the church won’t reject them.”


Relatedly, Bishop Eciru has called on Christians of Soroti Catholic Diocese to continue supporting the construction of the new Cathedral Regina Caeli (Queen of Heaven).


“Am very delighted that we are going on with the collections towards the construction of Regina Caeli, Am sure with God’s help we shall complete the construction of this cathedral. Catholic are never known to be failures, so let us not be the first. It’s bad if people start laughing at us,” added Bishop Eciru.


The bishop further encouraged Catholics to give diligently.


“To construct our cathedral we need sacrifice. Let’s put our knees down while hands in the pocket,” the Soft spoken Bishop said.

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