“No One Can Afford To Get What I Wear”-Singer Operah The Master


By Nathan Eyagu


It’s always a pride for most artists to dress in unique styles only to impress their fans and show off what they have but to the “ekasimu” hit maker, things got negative on his side as fans shared his picture on social media blaming him for putting on ladies attire.

east news got in touch with the singer who blasted the jealous people saying that no one in Teso can fit into his shoes since he is the only master around.

Check out how the master lectured his students through this short interview.


East news: There was criticism on social media over your dress code during the burial of the late comedian, Fortune Butto some time back, what do you have to say about that?

Opera de master: There are some things that I like seeing some people doing like undermining others not knowing how much one invested in in order to start off the music career. How can you undermine someone who has invested Shs16m into his music?

People should learn to appreciate. I sacrificed myself to distribute those tribute songs to different people and places although some people got them on their own. I featured in all those two tribute songs that were produced in both icon and heart land records and about my attire, that was how the day got me as I came along with mzee Yonachanlee and am not someone who doesn’t like showing off and talking about that attire.

If someone is given the opportunity to go out and get those kind of clothes, he or she may end up taking a full decade because what a master puts on is only for the master.

Am even those who have tried to put on like me are nowhere today.

No one can compete with me, am the one who has featured young artists in Teso. Nowadays I put on military shoes because of music, am the only one who shed a lot of tears during that burial.


East news: What kind of artist are you?

Opera de master: Am an artist from the bar, one who performs from the bar, one who is patient from the bar and doesn’t fight from the bar, one whose music is played from the bar, but I can also perform gospel music if invited by the Christians since I have church songs too.


East news: Do you have any latest projects?

Opera de master: Ha ha ha, where should I start from and end because I have a lot of projects although other people also have.

I have twedelee mbele, mbulira jooli, ekasimu, wankuba, that’s why people will always watch the master singing because he was born a master.


East news: What’s your dream by the end of this year?

Opera de master: Ahhh, this year I plan of helping the young artists in making collabos because I have many singles cause I have to work from the bottom where I have a strong support.

I also have many videos since i also do video composing, so people should stop undermining others.


East news: What can you say about President Museveni money that has caused division amongst some artists in Teso?

Opera the master: (Laughs) those guys should just come into agreement since it’s like a SACCO and let them see how to help each other with that money rather than fighting.

May be making it like getting loans and then take it back like interest with fair conditions, that’s how the master is suggesting although some of them may be having ideas of running away with the money after it’s being given to them as loans.


East news: What are your last words to your fans?

Opera de master: They all know That master is a simple artist who doesn’t fight nor quarrel but is so friendly, where you see me is where you see music. In case the master spoils it, it’s you to come and correct the master; every dj should promote music from Teso.

Am happy to all those supporting my music, may God bless you all.