NRM Explains Party’s Poor Performance In FDC’s Nathan Nandala’s Sironko District


By Wetondo Denis Julius




The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party leaders in Mbale have revealed why the mass Party performed dismally in Sironko district.


The NRM party lost many positions in the recently concluded local council and Parliamentary elections where it lost two constituency seats in the district to FDC Party and Woman MP to an independent. It also lost the LCV seat to FDC.


In the recently concluded elections, NRM party registered poor results in Sironko by losing all three big positions of LCV, two constituency seats in the district to Forum for democratic change FDC party and Woman MP to independent.


While speaking to the press yesterday, 25th January 2021 from Lydia Wanyoto’s home in Mbale City, Patience Mwibule one of the NRM Sironko district executive members also the incoming RDC of Sironko district said all candidates who lost in NRM primaries defied the party and bounced back as independents.


The revelation was made during a send-off party ceremony for Lillian Nakawesa, the deputy RDC Mbale who has been promoted to full RDC and sent to Luka district.



Mwibule added that all NRM votes were shared by NRM leaning independents and flag bearers ending up being beaten by FDC by small margins.


Milton Nambaya, the Sironko District NRM caucus chairperson also said that most of their flag bearers lacked resources and that the small the Party sent came in late.


He added that they failed to mobiles votes in the time since they had no transport, airtime, fuel among others.


Meanwhile, Lydia Wanyoto, the NRM Party Nation Women’s League Chairperson attributed NRM’s poor performance to the influence of FDC’s General Secretary, Nathan Nandala Mafabi who allegedly told his supporters to vote the blue key.



“We are going to sit at the drawing board to see the weakness they had such that we can regain back those positions in Sironko and Uganda at large in the 2026 general elections,” Wanyoto said.



However, John Gidudu Dadiri, the FDC Sironko District General Secretary argued that their good performance in the district was as a result of team work.



He adds that poor performance in service delivery for the last five years also made people to distrust NRM and opt for FDC.



Dison Balayo, the Personal Assistant to the Sironko Woman MP, Florence Nambozo Mayoga who went through on independent ticket after losing in NRM primaries to Aisha Lumolo says those candidates who bounced back as independents came because of the massive irregularities during NRM primaries.

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