Teso NRM Politicians Are Liars – Soroti Fruit Factory Management


By John Ogulei



Chief Executive Officer of Soroti Fruit Factory, Douglas Ndawula, said Teso politicians are misinforming the farmers of Teso,

The Leadership of the Soroti Based Fruit Factory and manufacturers of TEJU juice has told off Teso Politicians to stop misinforming Teso Fruit Farmers.

Speaking to this Website on Tuesday Morning 15th December 2020, at his Soroti office, the Chief Executive Officer of Soroti Fruit Factory, Douglas Ndawula, said Teso politicians are misinforming the farmers of Teso, yet a section of them do supply the factory with fruits.


It must be recalled that, a section of Teso politicians have been at war with Soroti Fruit Factory over its operations. The politicians claim that, Soroti Fruit Factory has refused to buy Teso fruits but instead buy Fruits from neighboring districts and importing fruits from neighboring countries.


The situation further intensified when President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is also seeking reelection as President visited Teso in Late November.


The Ngora District Woman MP, Jacqueline Amongin told the President that the Factory was not serving the interests of the people of Teso. Several Teso Politicians who were present at that event in Soroti University supported Amongin unanimously.


Ndawula however told this reporter that the factory is serving the interests of the People of Teso.


“There is a lot of misinformation from Teso leadership and some experts and the project. We have even issued Local Purchase orders (LPO’s) to farmer groups worthy 600,000,000/=. So for a politician to start saying we are not buying Teso Fruits is telling lies,” said Ndawula.


He added that, the Factory consumes 30% of Teso fruits and its consumption capacity has also been improved from 48 tons to 80 tons per day.


“I can’t afford to import fruits from Kenya yet Teso farmers are also producing the same fruits. Our farmers need to understand that fruits are gold for Teso. Currently the fruits are few and we have even been forced to buy a bag of lemon at 400,000/= but it’s rare to get,” noted Ndawula.


He also revealed to this website that, importation of fruits only happens when there are no fruits in Teso and the process will not be conducted without the knowledge of the authorities.


He challenges politicians, to always seek information from the factory leadership before spreading falsehoods.


“Surprisingly the People who are talking that we are are not buying Teso fruits are NRM People, Opposition in Teso are appreciative of the project. This makes me understand most beneficiaries of the factory are opposition people because most of them have accepted to adopt to the procedures of supply but NRM People want to be treated as special people,” Ndawula said.


On the other hand Ndawula has told this website that, Soroti Fruit Factory has started the exportation of TEJU juice to neighboring countries like Kenya, Congo, South Sudan and they are in talks with countries like Rwanda, Tanzania, Sudan, Burundi among others.

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