NRM’S Kasule Lumumba Asks Government To Increase Funding For Patriotism Classes

Kasule Lumumba


The NRM Secretary General has urged government to increasefunding towards patriotism activities in schools saying this is theonly way students can be brought up morally responsible.

KasuleLumumba made the remarks while passing out 840 students who completeda one week course in patriotism at Nakalama Secondary School in Iganga on 2ndJune.

She said since the inception of patriotism clubs in schools across thecountry, there has been a drastic reduction in violent strikes likedestruction of properties like it was in the past.

“Previously it was common for students to destroy properties likesmashing window screens of dormitories because they never knew theirroles”she said.

Lumumba cautioned female students against engaging in risky sexual behavior to avoid early pregnancies besides contracting the deadlyHIV-AIDS virus.

“While you are still at school prepare your bodies well for sex infuture but not now because you are still young both in body andmind,”she said.

She also urged students to always do physical exercises regularly in orderto avoid contracting diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

Lumumba expressed concern over the increase in cases of grabbing ofschool land in Busoga region by people she claims are rich.

“I have instructed school heads to ensure that all land belonging toinstitutions have land titles to avoid being encroached on by people, “she said.

Lumumba urged Basoga to always make use of her office by seeking forsupport instead of always speaking ill of her before her bosses.

The Deputy Resident District Commissioner Iganga, Pamela Watuwa saidgovernment’s renovation work on Saza road in Iganga Municipality isexpected to kick off next month.

Over 200 traders last month demonstrated over the poor state of theroad by burning car tyres,blocking traffic along the route leading tothe arrest of 10 protesters majority of whom were People Power supporters.