NRM’s Ofwono Opondo Survives Possible Assassination

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The government and NRM’s Spokesperson has survived what looks like an attempt on his life.

Ofwono Opondo showing the press how the thugs vandalized his house

Ofwono Opondo who was recently bedridden for weeks over diabetes had his home broken into by machete – wielding men.


Police in Mukono District confirmed that a number of machete-wielding assailants raided the home of the government Spokesperson on Thursday evening.


Opondo was appearing on a late night television show when he reportedly received information that his family back home in Mukono was under attack.


“My home in Nasuuti is said to be under attack by unknown assailants. I’m out of home and lost contact with family members,” Mr Ofwono tweeted.


In another tweet, Mr Ofwono said: “Distress Call: Assailants said to be many and with machetes in my bedroom and compound. Police is outside have not yet entered.”


The spokesperson claims that these unknown assailants had gained access to his bedroom and compound. The police were immediately alerted.


About an hour later police said they had intervened and Mr Ofwono’s family was safe.


“Our territorial team from Mukono responded to the disturbance call from the home of Mr Ofwono Opondo, the government spokesperson. The family is safe and secure. More updates to follow,” police tweeted.


According to Opondo, the Police managed to gain access to his home and found a mess left behind by the assailants. A few items including money were reportedly been taken.


“The [assailants] reportedly forced my wife and three daughters into another room…I want to thank police KPM Moses Kafero, UPDF for the quick response although they haven’t got the assailants yet. My family is secured. Some property and money taken. Investigations underway,” Mr Opondo tweeted.


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