NRM’S Secretary General Tips Women On How To Keep Hips, Bums Sexy

NRM SG Lumumba Kasule tipping fellow women on how to stay sexy

IGANGA: The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General has tipped fellow women on how to keep their bums sexy and seductive before men by doing routine exercise.

Kasule Lumumba gave the tip while opening the Iganga Health Fitness Club on Saturday 20th April 2019.

NRM SG Lumumba Kasule tipping fellow women on how to stay sexy

“Abakyaala omuliwano, kambaibireku akandi kubisaizi bwokola okukumamu akabinako obutaserebera,” Kasule said. Loosely meaning that am giving you one physical tip or drill a woman can practice every day so as to maintain her bums or hips intact.

This did not go by mere words or speaking. She was stressing her point
by simultaneously hitting her bums using her feet.

This excited many men as women fidgeted around copying it to remain attractive.

Some of the Hajjis doing exercises at the launch

The Iganga Health Fitness Club is owned by the former Mayor of
Iganga, Hajji Siragi Katono and it attracts business people, politicians, civil servants, teenagers and adults from Iganga district.

While launching it at Ntinda Valley Hotel, Hon Lumumba Kasule contributed Shs 2million towards its capitalization.

Hon. Milton Muwuma, Hon. Mariam Naigaga and NRM Chairman
Iganga, Haji Bakar Walubi and the LC5 chairman Iganga Patrick Kayemba are some of the prominent figures in the club.

Hon. Naigaga urged men who own bellies instead of stomachs to appreciate the health fitness exercises if they are to remain relevant in bed.

Haji Katono said their campaign is to acquire land for construction of
a health fitness club with all the required facilities. Katono added
that many of his members especially Hajjis are living a healthy life
because of these physical drills.

Patrick Kayemba urged Iganga people to appreciate the importance of
physical drills if they are to leave a healthy life.