NRM’s Secretary General Warns Journalists Against Biased Reporting



The NRM Secretary General has cautioned journalists against receiving bribes in order to tarnish the image of leaders. She said the habit is unethical and depicts a negative image of the profession before members of the public.

Justine Kasule Lumumba made the remarks in a speech read for her by the Woman Member of Parliament Bugiri, Agnes Taaka during the belated Women’s Day Celebrations held at Bunyiro Muslim Primary School on Sunday May 19.

Lumumba said on several occasions journalists are bribed by aspiring
candidates of various political positions to speak ill of leaders.

“They go on radio or write negatively about political leaders after
receiving bribes which is wrong and unprofessional,” she said.

She urged Journalists involved in the habit to immediately stop because members of the public have started viewing the profession as that of “cheap people”.

“Members of the press are seen as very powerful people in society
but with the current trend, they are going to lose meaning,” she said.

Meanwhile, Lumumba urged men to allow their wives to work so as to improve the household incomes besides reducing cases of domestic violence in homes as a result of poverty.

She emphasized the need for locals to embrace commercial farming
to ensure increased productivity and therefore fight poverty in homesteads.

Lumumba also cautioned girls against engaging in early sex if they are to avoid contracting the deadly HIV/AIDS virus and early pregnancies but instead concentrate on their studies for a bright future.

She urged women to be united and form SAACOS so as to access funding from government.

“There’s no way government will come in to offer you money to set up
projects when there’s no sign of unity,” she said.

The Deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Iganga, Pamela Watuwa cautioned women against taking advantage of government’s program of women empowerment to despise their husbands.

“Much as there is that component to allow women have a platform to
address issues before the public, always respect your husbands by
kneeling down and offering them whatever they need because they are your bosses,” she said.

Watuwa attributed the increasing cases of defilement in Busoga sub
region to poverty amongst parents especially in rural areas besides
rampant cases of drug addiction especially amongst youths.

“Parents are demanding bribes from defilers in order to set them free or lose interest in the cases,” she said.

She vowed to arrest any parent who will be discovered demanding bribes from defilers saying it’s illegal.

The Woman Member of Parliament Iganga, Brenda Asinde said 229 women groups in the district have since the start of the year benefited from Shs2.2 billion allocated by government under the UWEP program
meant to empower women financially.