Patients’ Usage Of Stones As Toilet Paper Blocks All Referral Hospital Toilets

Dr. Atwine touring the Hospital on 9th April

IGANGA: Patients who use stones to clean themselves after defecating have caused blockage of toilets in Iganga Main Hospital. As a result the facility has been operating without toilets for the past three months.

This worrying state of affairs came to the attention of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health, Doctor Diana Atwine who visited the facility on Tuesday 9th April.

The Hospital Administrator Iganga Main Hospital, Mukaboli Mugolofa attributed the blockage of toilet facilities on patients who use stones instead of toilet papers after easing themselves.

Mugolofa said the hospital administration was to meet the district leaders to seek a solution to the problem of lack of toilet facilities.

He said due to the absence of a public toilet, members of the public have on several occasions used the toilet facilities at the hospital resulting in its blockage.

However, some patients have expressed fear of contracting cholera as a result of lack of toilet facilities at the hospital.

Human waste seen flowing towards patients’ wards

One of the patients, Mohamed Ngobi said they can no longer have meals within the hospital premises as a result of the bad stench from the human waste flowing towards the wards.

Ngobi said the situation is likely to get worse especially as the rainy season sets in.
A bewildered Atwine promised to meet district leaders to seek a solution to the problem.

Patients at the facility are forced to pay between shillings 200 to 500 to a mobile toilet operator in order to ease themselves while others ease themselves in polythene bags (kavera) and later dump them aimlessly within the hospital premises.

Human waste could be seen flowing towards the main children’s ward at the facility.

Atwine said she was however impressed with the cleanliness exhibited by health workers at Iganga main hospital.

“Unlike other hospitals I have visited, the situation here is not so worrying,” she said.

She urged health workers to always ensure good hygiene practices like washing hands after handling patients with serious infections.

“Infections that are resistant to drugs are a result of poor hygiene by health workers like failing to wash hands after handling patients,” she said.

Atwine hailed the district leadership for combating the frequent absenteeism amongst health workers through use of the bio-metric data
machine that helps monitor arrival of staff and departures.

She urged other districts to emulate the district by setting up bio-metric data machines at all hospitals to ensure they monitor the attendances of health personnel and deduct salaries of those who frequently absent themselves from duty without permission.

Barricaded blocked toilets at Iganga Main Hospital

The LC 5 Chairman Iganga, Patrick Kayemba urged government to increase on funds allocated towards Iganga Main Hospital so that service delivery is improved.

Iganga main hospital has for the past three years been voted by the Ministry of Health as being the best performing facility countrywide.

By Solomon Hamala