Pay Resistance Council Chairpersons Pension – Founding Emorimor Urges Gov’t


By Stephen Enatu




The Iteso Cultural Union founder has asked Government to consider paying pension to the surviving and retired Resisting Committee Chairpersons across the country.


His highness Emeritus Emorimor Papa Iteso, Paprus Edimu Imodot, raised this issue in an exclusive interview with our reporter on Monday 15th December 2020.

Resistance Councils preceded the current Local Councils.

According to Mzee Imodot, government gives them medals as a sign of recognition for their tireless efforts in offering service to this nation.

However, Imodot argued that medals have not benefited them since it has no value for money that can help them better their living conditions.

He said Government should strongly consider offering pension of approximately one million Uganda shillings to each former Resistance Council Chairperson to enable them meet the daily needs at household levels instead of medals.

Imodot stated that they did great work for this government like sensitizing communities to embrace the now big and firm NRM government in power but have been ignored and left languishing in poverty.

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