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Please Help Our Son Live a Normal Life – Isaiah’s Parents Cry Out


By Markson Omagor



Another of Were’s pictures

A 4 year old boy is living in agony, having difficulty in breathing and is developing abnormal swellings due to a heart complication as helpless parents can only cry.


The 4 year old Were Isaiah Jonathan is son to Solomon Hamala and Wanyana Winifred living in Iganga Municipality.


“Though his condition is worrying, some good news from the Uganda Heart Institute is that he can be a normal man after an operation,” Were’s father told this website.


He also revealed that the operation is to cost Shs25million.


“The operation is 25,000,000 ugx, which we cannot raise. We therefore kindly ask for any assistance towards helping Isaiah live a normal life as a child,” Hamala pleads with whoever can lend a hand.




Were’s parents can be reached on the following numbers 0702570149 & 0772343958 for the father, Solomon Hamala and 0705711420 & 0781669595 for the mother, Wanyana Winifred.




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