Police Disperse FDC Rally In Iganga


By Solomon Hamala

IGANGA: Police in Iganga stopped a meeting organized by FDC leadership at the home of one of the party member in Iganga Town.

Led by the DPC Iganga, Ndawula David Wills, the police claim the meeting was illegal because they had not been notified.

In retaliation, some of the top FDC party leaders like Hon Wafula
Ogutu and other opposition leaders like Hon Ken Lukyamuzi faced off
with Police for cancelling their meeting.

The home owner, Hajati Zula who is also the District Woman Councilor
for Iganga Municipality, said the meeting was to forge a way forward of
streamlining their party since the exit of their Party President, Gen. Mugisha Muntu and other party members.

Lukyamuzi who was the former MP for Lubaga South said this was a
total abuse of the existing political party democracy and wondered why
government was using Police for its selfish gains.
Wafula Ogutu, the former MP for Bukholi South said President
Museveni and the NRM government is in total panic to the extent of even stopping a meeting in somebody’s compound.
The move angered the party leaders and supporters in Iganga
Municipality and the entire district