Police Faulted For Failing To Curb Cases Of Defacing Campaign Posters


By Wetondo Denis Julius




Opposition candidates from Sironko district have blamed the police for doing less in curbing down the current vice of defacing their posters.


Isaiah Sasaga Wanzira, the FDC flagger bearer MP aspirant for Budadiri East constituency says that most of his posters have been destroyed in the sub-counties of Legenya, Bumasifwa, Bugitimwa, and Elgon by people he suspects to have been hired by his opponents.


Sasaga adds that he has tried on several occasions to arrest some suspects and taken to Sironko CPS with evidence but they are later released without opening charges against them.


Allan Muduku, the LCV councilor aspirant at Bukise Sub County on FDC ticket also said that it’s becoming hard for him to popularize his candidature since political rallies were banned by parliament and electoral commission due to the outbreak of covid19 yet going on the radio is too expensive for him.


He urged police to help them by arresting the suspects and charged according to the law since they put lots of resources in printing and pinning those posters yet it’s the only way of popularizing themselves.



However, Hudson Muhangi, the District Police Commander, Sironko dismissed the allegations that police is deliberately looking on as campaign posters are defaced in the district.



He revealed that during this election period, police has arrested over thirty people and charged them before a court for defacing posters of Nathan Nandala Mafabi, MP aspirant for Budadiri west constituency on FDC ticket and Florence Nambozo Mayoga, the district woman MP an aspirant on an independent ticket.


Muhangi also says that suspects who have been released without charges is because of lack of sufficient evidence against them.



Defacing posters of any candidate who has been nominated to run for an electoral office by the independent Electoral Commission is illegal and punishable by law if found guilty.

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