POLITICAL ANALYSIS: Who Is Who In Butaleja District Woman NRM Race






As elections for NRM Party Primaries nears, we profile you a menu of women candidates who are racing for the juicy NRM card for Butaleja Woman Parliamentary slot.

The race has attracted fresh entrants, old political timers as well as the incumbent, Millie Mugeni who is eying to defend her seat.


Nebanda Florence


She is 32 years old and is the elder sister of the late, Hon. Celina Nebanda. Though politically active in parliament and in her constituency, Nebanda controversially died in her mid-political career 2016.


The seat fell vacant and in unity, the people of Butaleja massively voted Florence Nebanda to carry on the political flag of her late sister.


Nebanda holds a Master’s degree in Human Recourses Management from the University of East London in UK and went to Ntinda View College for her O level, Katikamu SDA for her A’ level and Kide Primary Kasangagti for her primary education.


Following the death of her sister, the family of Florence Nebanda quickly summoned her back home to come and fill the political vacuum.


When she entered parliament, she found a range of pending programmes and activities left by her late sister. The programmes directly affected locals and very crucial in life and became Florence Nebanda’s first assignment.


In promotion of education, she constructed Budumba SS, Nabweeya Primary school and constructed a boy’s dormitory at Butaleja SS.



In the health sector, Florence Nebanda lobbied funds for the construction of a theater at Busolwe Hospital and lobbied for more medical.


Further still, while in partnership with health organizations, she extended free medical cancer screening to women and general treatments and borehole renovation during her political term in office.


In house hold incomes, Nebanda distributed improved coffee and maize seedlings to farmers and became influential in lobbying the Prime Minister’s Office in extending food relief to the rainfall disaster affected areas in Butaleja district as well as supporting the women and youth poverty reduction programmes.


Baluka Suzan


She hails from a peasant family of Mr and Mrs Isaac Were in Mugulu in Busolwe Town Council. She has stood twice and failed for the seat of Woman MP on an FDC ticket and this time round she crossed to the ruling party to enjoy the massive support of NRM if she is to make it to parliament.


Baluka went to Busaba primary school then to Mulagi Girls for her O’ level, St’ Kalemba SS Nazigo for her A’ level before enrolling for a Diploma in English and Literature at Nagongera NTC.


She later on went to Uganda Christian University Mukono to pursue a degree in the same academic discipline.


Baluka is happily married to Isaac Were and they are blessed with 6 children. Currently she is a seasoned teacher at a number of schools in Mbale like Mbale SS including Nagongera NTC.


Why she is contesting.

“I want to fight for the economic empowerment of women and youth by lobbying for them income generating activities,” Baliku said.


She said health, education and poverty remain a big challenge in Butaleja and that if elected into parliament, she will work alongside government to bring services down to the people.

“However before this, I have made some tangible contributions in Butaleja. And these include improving on people’s health by organizing free medical camps, lobbied for the startup /construction of Busaba Seed SS. I have promoted environmental protection through tree planting as well as advocating for the girl child education.” Baliku told this site.



Millie Mugeni


She is the incumbent MP. Stepping into parliament from the media background, voters think she is a total disappointment to them because she is always quite in parliament and worse of all she was never appointed a minister as she had always assured the Bataleja during her campaigns.


Being the incumbent, she must be having enough reasons as to why her own village and other areas like Lujehe and Hanjehe have no electricity.


The unresolved deadly land conflict between Badama, Bagwere and the Bagisu is another contentious point Mugeni has to explain.


Mugeni is a graduate of Journalism and went to Busabi CCF primary school and then to Mulagi Girls for her O and A level.


Before joining politics, she formerly worked with UBC as a presenter for Lunyole-Lusamya-Lugwe programme. She is happily married to Hasaga George and they have 4 children.


Muloki Hamba Agatha

She is 40 years old and she runs a failed marriage with a man called  Gesa Nathan.


She completed her O and A level before enrolling for a degree in Human Resource Management at Makerere University and currently a manager at World Vision-Uganda.


Agatha is the founder of Naanhirisa Sacco and together with her co-partner, Margareta Mungeherera Foundation; they support girl child education as well as the rural mother’s economic empowerment.



Sarah Logose


She is 35 and a wife to a retired magistrate, Wandera Bowazi in Mugulu village in Busolwe Sub County.


She holds a Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Mangament at International University of East Africa.


She also holds a degree in Procurement and Logistics Management of Kyambogo University.


Currently, she Lecturers at Kampala University and University of East Africa.


She did her primary education at Mugulu Integrated Primary school and Nakwasi primary before proceeding to Mulagi Girls for O’ Level and Nile College for her S.6.


Why she is contesting:

She says she wants to economically advocate for her people especially the women, youth, and the elderly and promote good health, promote good education especially for the girl child among others.


Working experience: Besides being a University lecturer, Logose is a consultant in environmental matters especially in the promotion of

Bamboo tree species and as a result, she wants to bank on this experience to promote good farming, education through providing scholarships, promote poverty eradication and also support the youth and the women economically.

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