POLITICS KENYAN STYLE: Raila Odinga For One Term, Hands Over To Gideon Moi in 2027


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For starters, Raila Odinga is son of the first Vice President of Kenya, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, while Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is son of Kenya’s founding president, Jomo Kenyatta and his fourth wife Mama Ngina Kenyatta. Gideon Moi is the youngest son of Kenya’s second president, Daniel Arap Moi, and Lena Moi.


So we about to see a rotation of power from Uhuru Kenyatta (Son of first president) to Raila Odinga (Son of Kenya’s first Vice President) and finally in 2027 to Gideon Moi (Son of Kenya’s second President).


If you are not seeing the gist of the matter, here it is: In Kenya, power, real power rotates between three families;

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s falling-out with his deputy William Ruto has left him with no heir apparent as the clock ticks towards the 2022 General Election.

With the crack now a reality following what insiders say is “irreconcilable differences” between the two, state operatives are busy analysing various viable succession scenarios for 2022.

A team of bureaucrats consisting of a few Jubilee Party and coalition officials as well as senior advisers of the President have been burning the midnight oil in search of a viable and acceptable candidate who will then be gradually be propped up, the Sunday Nation has learnt.

Those with insider information on the plan by about seven individuals say it has been kept a closely guarded secret to avoid “undermining the serving leader, but it has his blessings.”

With their sights set on the referendum, they believe their chosen one will immensely benefit from the euphoria of the referendum campaigns to catapult him to the top seat.

The Sunday Nation reveals the three possible scenarios, pegged on successful constitutional amendments that have been put on the table for further scrutiny.

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