Poor Service Delivery in Katakwi T/C Is Due To Poor Community Cooperation – Technocrats

By Francis Ocen




Katakwi town council in Katakwi district is currently facing poor service delivery because the community is not cooperating with the authorities.

This was revealed by the Assistant Community Development Officer in Katakwi Town Council, Stella Aanyu yesterday 14th Oct 2021 in an exclusive interview with this reporter at Royalis Hotel in Katakwi Town Council.

Aanyu said people in her town do not come to her office to inquire on the new programs, which leaves them ignorant on the running and upcoming programs.

“This has also led to public ignorance on the national policies, laws and rights of the community”, Aanyu lamented.

Meanwhile, Lucy Akiror, the Secretary for Community Katakwi town council said that, her department is planning to conduct coordination meetings with different communities, including youth, women and young mothers.

Joseph Okure Okot, the Town Clerk while opening the budget conference said that, there isn’t enough financial support which has led to poor service delivery in his town.

He added that, the previous financial year 2020/2021, the Katakwi Town council did receive not more than 40 million from the central government. He said the amount was too little thus disorganizing service delivery in Katakwi.

Okure openly recognized ActionAid nternational for her financial support in most of the budgeting since it’s among the visible organizations in Katakwi and their main objective is good governance.

However, Stella Aanyu, the ACDO said, her department has not been in position to hold community sensitization meetings due to the covid19 lockdown which took two years.

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