Preparations For The 2019 Fresh Dairy Secondary Schools Games In High Gear


MBALE: Preparations for a successful 2019 Fresh Dairy Secondary Schools games are in high gear.

The 2019 secondary schools games are just two weeks away from kick off. The tournaments are slated for 5th to 11th of May implying that the games will take place when students have broken off for holidays.

The event will bring together 99 teams from different schools across the country hosted for the first time at Mbale Senior Secondary School in Mbale Municipality under the sponsorship of Fresh Dairy.

And in a bid to start the preparations early, Mbale SS and its technical department are busy preparing facilities. All the pitches to be used in the tourney are under renovation to fit the required standards.

Muzaale Gershom, the games teacher at Mbale SS boasts of the best preparation and how his teams are ready to compete in this year’s tourney.  Muzaale also appreciates the organizers for giving Mbale SS such an honor of hosting the tournament.

“We are grateful to Fresh Dairy, the sponsors for such an opportunity to host this year’s competitions which are also the first edition under its sponsorship, we promise the best in terms of facilities and security for the one week of schools stay here,” he told eastnews.

Young Players With Fresh Dairy Products

Games at the 2019 Tournament:

Schools shall compete in Football for girls, Netball (girls), volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, Table Tennis as well as Badminton (Boys and girls).

A total of 99 teams have already confirmed participation for the five day’s championship according to the games teacher, Mr. Muzaale. Out of these, 32 are for football, 48 for basketball, 8 and 11 for tennis and rugby respectively.

“All the schools are expected to report at Mbale S.S on, 4th  May 2019 for registration, screening and to be allocated where to stay during the games,” Muzaale stated.

In girl’s football, 4 fields shall be used among these are Mbale SS grounds, Mbale Municipal Stadium, Cricket Grounds and St Peter’s SS field whereas other games will be fielded at Mbale SS and UCU Mbale courts.

Mbale will be represented by five schools: Nabumali H/S in basketball, Mable H/S in Rugby, Bugisu H/S in girl’s football and Mbale SS in tennis.

All The Different Sporting Disciplines And Schools To Participate


Seroma Christian High School, Seeta High School, Green Campus,

Kibuli Secondary School, Kisaasi College School, Buddo Secondary School, Mbogo Mixed School and Bethel High School.


St Noa Girls School, St Mary’s Secondary School Kitende, Buddo Secondary School, Exodus College School, Hope Biira, Watoto

Maryhill High School Mbarara, Nabisunsa Girls and Kibuli Secondary School.


Kololo Secondary School, Kampala Secondary School, Ntare School (Mbarara), Old Kampala Secondary School,  Namilyango College, Mengo Secondary School, (Kampala) and Mbale Secondary School, (Host).


Mt. St. Marys Namagunga, (Mukono) Gayaza High School , (Wakiso)

Maryhill High School, (Mbarara) Kibuli Secondary School, (Kampala)

Nabisunsa Girls Schol, (Kampala) Trinity College Nabingo, (Wakiso)

Kololo Secondary School, (Kampala) and Mengo Secondary School, (Kampala).


Mbogo High School, Rubaga Girls School, Hana International, Kibuli Secondary School, Nabisunsa Girls School, St. Michael Sonde, Kakungulu Memorial School and Trinity College Nabbingo.


Kibuli Secondary School, Kakungulu Memorial School, Kinaawa High School, Lubiri Secondary School, St Marys College Kisubi, Kisaasi College School, Namilyango College and St Michael Sonde.


Mbogo College School, Mbogo Mixed School, St. Michael International School, Mbogo High School, Nabisunsa Girls School, Mt. St. Mary’s School, Namagunga, Seeta High School-Green Campus and Trinity College, Nabbingo.


Mbogo College School, Seeta High School-Green Campus, St. Michael International School, Ubuntu Hill School, Mbogo Mixed School, Seeta High Sch –Mbalala Campus, Kakungulu Memorial School and Caltec Academy Makerere.

RUGBY 15(boys)

St Mary’s College Kisubi, Namilyango College School, Makerere College School, Kings College Budo, Light Academy, London College, Maya, Mbarara High School, Ntare School, Dr. Obote College School, Masaba Secondary School, Mbale High School, and Pope Paul II Memorial School.


Old Kampala Secondary School, City High School Kampala, Kakungulu Memorial School, Kawempe Moslem, Gayaza High School, Kings College Budo, Naalya Secondary School Bweyogerere, St Charles Kasasa, Bweranyangi Girls, St Marys’ Girls Vocational, Mt. St. Marys Namagunga and Seeta High School Mbalala.


Old Kampala Secondary School, Kakungulu Memorial School, Kawempe Moslem, City High School Kampala, St Mary’s College Kisubi, Kings College Budo, St. Charles Lwanga Kasasa, Ntare School, Mbarara High School, Namilyango College, Seeta High School Mbalala and Sir Samuel Baker.

By Aaron Okotel